Welcome to the CCI RECIN Platform

The CCI RECIN Platform is a tool developed to model industrial automation and digitalization projects based on the concept of Zones and Conduits promoted by ISA, capable of providing as a result the recommendation of security requirements that must be met by both the zones and the conduits as well as its components or groups of components based on the provisions of document ISA 62443-3-3. It can be used both as a Platform for the design of real projects, for training, self-study, or even for the comparison of the recommended requirements versus those implemented.

In order to use this Platform you must be at least a CCI Basic Member, which will also allow you to make use of the benefits associated with this membership. If you want further progress in Industrial Cybersecurity, we encourage you to consider a higher membership which, in addition to giving you the ability to manage a greater number of projects, will allow you to take advantage of all the activities of interest that the CCI offers to its ecosystem.

The Industrial Cybersecurity Center, CCI is a non-profit organization with the main objective that members advance in cybersecurity through three main activities: facilitating networking, sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences.